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Fear on the Journey

June 14, 2013

The other day I heard this statement, “Indecision is caused by one thing and that is fear.” It bothered me when I heard it and I quickly dismissed it but I could not shake the words.  I began to look at my own inability to make decisions and started asking myself why. Painfully, I realized that IT IS TRUE. Every indecision in my life had fear at the root.  A few days later I wrote the following in response:

What do you fear?
For all of us there is that place inside where we are afraid
That closet whose door we refuse to open
When asked to face it we run the other way
We sit on the floor in front of the door instead of walking in
We pretend as if it is not there
At some point it always controls us
But what if that was not the case
What if you opened the door
What if you faced what’s on the other side?
It will not be easy but you were made for something more
The process of redemption and growth is painful
But on the other side is HOPE
Hope, Ah the word that you have been longing for
The idea that things could get better
That things could change
What are you waiting for
Walk over to the closet that holds your fear and open the door
You were made with a purpose
Find it past the fear
Open the door

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